Intentional Teaching

Get organized, ditch the stress, enjoy your students... and get your evenings and weekends back with the Intentional Teaching program. Join the program by clicking the register here button!

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Note - This program description is accurate except for:

- Live weekly calls (not currently available since it's now a self-study course at a discount)

- 1:1 calls (since the course is no longer live, these aren't included but can be purchased for an additional fee)

- The investment is no longer 650 for 3 months and is now discounted to $100 per month with the limited time coupon code SELFSTUDY.

7 Modules

Start Here

Begin the program here! Here you'll learn how Intentional Teaching works and what to do succeed and reach your goals in the program.


After completing the "Start Here" module, continue here. These concepts are the pillars of the course and are proven strategies to help you leave your work at school.

Make the Most of Your Short Prep Times

Here you'll learn what you need to make the most of your precious prep times as well as how to minimize distractions.

Set Up Your Systems and Routines

Get your day running smoothly with intentional routines and systems that work for you and your students... that you can keep up throughout the year. The right routines will help you feel more energized and can empower your students too.

Speed Up Your Assessment

In this module you'll discover strategies and tools to complete your assessments faster. Speeding up your report card writing will be added soon!

Bonus: Classroom Management Module

Learn how to teach your students to work independently during class time so that your students are ready for small group instruction and teacher student conferences. You'll also discover tested strategies to address the challenging behaviours that are derailing your lessons.

Modules for this program 7
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